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Our shelter is secure and staffed by people who understand your situation.

Shelters are seen as.....Shelters were seen as essential for the safety and protection of women and children. In Canada in 1973, the first shelters for women fleeing abuse opened in Toronto, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Calgary.

Shelters are committed to providing safety, competent and ethical care for women, children and seniors who access shelters in Alberta. Best practice requires an integrated community-based response to bring together law enforcement, criminal justice, health, education and community agencies in providing direct services.

The Principle of Responsibility to Society requires shelters to demonstrate concern for the welfare of society generally, and in this context for the welfare of women and families in society. Because it is unjust for segments of society to be devalued or abused, professionals have an ethical responsibility to use their knowledge and power to contribute to change. Shelters may play a leadership role in advocating for social change.

Family Violence is not a private matter...but rather a public issue that impacts on all members of society.



A world Without Gender-Based Violence.



To build on our abilities to meet individual, family, and the changing needs of those impacted by gender-based violence by providing trauma-informed services, increase community engagement, and championing the voices of all survivors by creating safe spaces for help, hope, and healing.


Belief Statement

  • We believe in empowering survivors of gender-based violence through making them aware of choices, options, and resources.

  • We believe in respecting the choices of all persons through support and acceptance.

  • We believe in the right of all persons to be safe and secure.

  • We accord individual respect and caring to all persons.




  • We believe in a non-violent society in which women have both the freedom and the responsibility to direct all the important aspects of their lives: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic, and sexual.

  • We believe that meaningful action toward a non-violent society necessitates changing community awareness of and challenging the acceptability of victimization of women and children.

  • We believe women can evaluate their fears, attitudes, alternatives, and options in a manner that will enhance the empowerment of all women.



To provide services, which are designed and delivered in a manner which will promote the self-esteem, independence, and the individual decision making of women and their children and other women experiencing gender-based violence.


At least one in eight women suffers from abuse by her partner and approximately 100,000 children in Alberta are exposed to family violence each year. Protect them and yourself. Contact MRWSA for help! 

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